• It would have been, had evil Republicans let it pass.

    Since the American Jobs Act proposed by the President was never allowed to pass in both houses of Congress, it's impossible for us to know how it would have impacted businesses. However, the various components of that proposed legislation have passed since then. We now know that the economy has picked up steam and as a result, more jobs have been created. Ultimately, this has been good for business.

  • Yes the act will be good for business.

    The American Jobs Act will be good for business because it's aim is to create more work and more jobs for Americans. The more people we have back in the workforce again the more productive and forward thinking companies can be. Employees won't be stretched thin and doing double duty improving service and final products.

  • Better Than Doing Nothing

    I never get how people think do nothing is better than doing something. I get that people say government just makes things worse. WE really can't do any worse than what we are doing now. All we can do is go up with how this economy has been run the last 15 years. The American jobs act would be a boost to business.

  • Not good for business

    The American Jobs act will not be good for business. The name of the bill sounds good but it will raise costs for businesses and they will in turn pass those costs on to the consumer. The free market should be able to work and that would be best for the consumers.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I don't have much hope for the American Jobs Act and I doubt it will impact business in a positive way. While these bills are great, I just don't think they really work the way they're intended to. We have jobs being created here, but they're all low-wage jobs, something we don't need more of. I don't think this act addresses that problem.

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