Will the American public benefit from the passing of ObamaCare?

  • Yes, the law allows more freedom to change jobs.

    Yes, the American public benefits from the passing of ObamaCare because the law allows everyone to obtain health care insurance, regardless of prior existing conditions. Individuals who have suffered chronic illnesses or who have ill family members are no longer locked into jobs they do not enjoy just so that they may obtain health care. The law allows Americans the freedom to change jobs without the fear of losing their insurance.

  • America is in desperate need of a social healthcare system.

    Although Obamacare is not perfect, is a crucial step in the establishment of a social healthcare system of which the United States is in desperate need. Ultimately, the American public will benefit from Obamacare. It may undergo several changes before it becomes an ideal system, but very few major changes are ever implemented perfectly from the start.

  • It enables everyone to have access to health insurance.

    ObamaCare allows everyone in America to have access to health insurance coverage. Previously, many people who did not have employer-sponsored coverage were un-insurable due to pre-existing conditions. However, now, insurance companies are required to support people who previously could not get coverage; this will reduce people's medical expenses after emergency situations.

  • ObamaCare is not beneficial for the majority of Americans

    There are already thousands of stories from all over the United States showing that the passing of ObamaCare has been hurtful to many American families, particularly the middle class. Many employers are cutting workers' hours to less than 30 per week so that they are not required to provide insurance. Many are laying off workers to make up for their increasing healthcare costs and the taxes linked to ObamaCare. Still more Americans are finding their healthcare premiums increasing because of increases in ObamaCare-related requirements. People are losing jobs and homes because of the detrimental effects of ObamaCare.

  • No, the American public will not benefit from the passing of ObamaCare.

    In the final analysis, ObamaCare depends upon a functional insurance risk pool. This risk pool must include a larger proportion of healthy, younger people and a smaller share of less healthy, older participants. In fact, the opposite is occurring in regard to ObamaCare. The net result is what technically is known as an insurance death spiral, which ultimately renders the Affordable Care Act financially unsustainable and of no long term benefit to the American people.

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