Will the amount of young people getting paid to play video games rise?

  • It already is happening on YouTube.

    All someone needs is get like 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Then they can apply to get paid a dollar for every thousand views. Just about anyone could do it. It might take a couple years of working another job until the person actually makes a decent living off of it.

  • More people will be needed for game testing.

    The number of overall people getting paid to play games will indeed rise, especially as the rise of mobile gaming and devices continues to develop. No longer will big gaming companies be able to monopolize who does this testing, smaller companies around the world will need people to quality test their products for a slice of that gaming money pie.

  • Paid testers no, free beta testers most likely:

    Small companies will go with family and friends, you know cheap and free testers. That and if small companies do hire people, it will be short term and only in small numbers and they are just as likely to use early access, for beta testing as the big companies.

    Only the bigger companies can afford to pay, a reasonable amount of people to test their games. And with a lot of games can be tested for free by those interested in buying the games, through early access beta tests.

    The number of game testers will always be small, big companies simply don't need a vast number of people to test their games, since many will be testing more than one of their games during a work day.

  • There is already a lot of video gamers getting paid

    People are getting lazier and everyone has known that hopefully. I am certain people would have a well paying job than playing videogames for a living. I'm not despising their decision but young people need to realize that the people who get paid for playing are either good or they are funny. I mean who would pay for a person to play a video game when they could be using that money on advertisement or another product.

  • No, the amount of young people getting paid to play video games won't rise.

    Getting paid to play video games is the ultimate slacker dream, the best possible outcome for a substantial segment of the population under age 30 who may have few other ambitions or interests outside of video games. In other words, there are a lot of people who would gladly accept this opportunity. On the other hand, however, the number of such positions that the video game industry can afford to sustain is limited; almost all of them are part-time only. At best, video game testing will remain a part-time, intermitent means of making money for a handful of lucky couch surfers.

  • What's the value?

    No, the amount of young people getting paid to play video games will not rise, because there is only so much value to children playing video games. If someone who makes a product cannot profit from paying children to play video games, they will not pay the children to do it. It's a matter of supply and demand, and there's not much demand.

  • The amount of young people getting paid to play video games will not increase.

    I believe that the number of young people getting paid to play video games will soon even out and eventually decrease. Many consider video game testing to be a dream job worthy of serious pursuit. I believe that because so many people see paid gaming as a lucrative opportunity, the market will become flooded. CNN Money reports that young people like Ben Wu, who previously held a job in finance, are making the conversion to paid gaming. If the market is currently paying highly educated young people to play these games, at some point they will meet their quota and stop offering positions.

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dr_orbital says2014-10-12T07:53:33.593
The amount of young people getting paid playing video games very likely will rise to some extent due to the increasing gamification.