Will the Apple and IBM partnership halt further growth for Blackberry?

  • Blackberry is finished

    It's by no means as far gone as Nokia, but unless a miracle happens, Blackberry's days of real success are over. Their phones were cutting edge once, but now they're hideously dated and it could be too late to change them enough to attract a new market while holding onto their existing base. This new merger is simply one of the final nails in the coffin.

  • Yes, the Apple-IBM partnetship will halt further growth for Blackberry

    Blackberry is likely to pick up some small improvements from Apple, but it's unlikely that it would become the showstopper. IBM will want to invest money into furthering apples prime products rather than keep the Blackberry line going. Blackberry isn't going to outshine the iPhone and everyone knows it. It's just going to sit back ride out the sales it can still manage to get without much further investment.

  • The Apple and IBM partnership will halt further growth for Blackberry.

    The Apple and IBM partnership will halt further growth for Blackberry. The new partnership between Apple and IBM aims to produce business apps for the Iphone and Ipad which will directly impact Blackberry's core client base. Blackberry was the leading device for business people, but the new collaboration between Apple and IBM will create over a hundred apps designed to attract consumers of digital business devices.

  • No, I diagree witht that idea.

    No, I do not believe that Apple and IBM partnering up will halt the further growth for Blackberry. Those are two reputable companies, and with them combining forces, that can only mean good things for the Blackberry brand. One can only be anxious to see where the brand goes from here.

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