• Apple will succed

    The Apple iWatch has to be on of the most highly anticipated releases for years. Perhaps even more so than the new iphone 6. Apple has finally found a way to outdo themselves by reinventing that little used resource we all thought was made obsolete by cell phones. Bring back the watch.

  • To What Degree Will The iWatch Succeed?

    The iWatch will succeed, but its success might be limited in scope. Although Apple has always had success when launching new products, from the iPod to the iPad, all of those products were relatively new to consumers. However, the wrist watch has been around for centuries, and smart watches have been around for a few years as well. Therefore, consumers might not be as thrilled to purchase a reinvention of a product they are already familiar with.

  • Of course it will!

    I have only been using my watch series 4 (cellular) for 2 weeks, But I can already tell that it will become one of my closest companions. I like pretty much everything about the iwatch, And I will give you my favourite three.
    1 - I do not need to take out my iPhone, And that reduces the chance of it being taken.
    2- I can listen to music more conveniently while doing sports, And I do not need to get my iPhone sweaty when calling my mom to pick me up from track and field.
    3- I am a 13 year old student, And sometimes when I get bored in class, I play games on my iwatch.

    I think the iwatch will succeed, And I really hope it does because I would love to continue using a iwatch when I grow up!

  • Who dosent want that?

    Honestly, its literally a iPhone on your wrist. You could bring it anywhere you need it!!! I think its a great thing. Its got like a home button and touchscreen!!! Its totally awesome so beat it people who don't like it!!! Go get it at the Apple store for more info:)

  • Apple always succeeds

    I am a very big fan of Apple and I think that this company is so n'sync with their market and their costumers' needs and preferences, which leads them to hit home runs time after time, everytime they decide to launch a new innovative product, in this case the Iwatch.

  • If If and IF

    If Apple releases it soon, it will do well simply because it's Apple. Apple is declining in wisdom under it's new management though, and they must release the watch before Apple loses much of it's reputation. It had better not look anything like what's in the picture, but I wouldn't be as surprised under the new management.
    The first if, of course, is "if they release it." I have little doubt that the new management would resist though. I doubt that it's been under development for as long as the rumor has existed though. It is possible that the new management put the nix on it's development, which would explain the extensive period of Apple smartwatch expectations.

  • I can't wait to get mine.

    Yes, the Apple iWatch will succeed, because it is going to be so practical. For now, I have to put my phone in my bra or in my pocket. It would be so great just to be able to strap it on my wrist and head out for the day. This is an amazing product.

  • Apple's trying to make the future a reality

    With the iwatch, apple is trying to put technology that we see in sci-fi movies into our reality. Most of the time when companies do this they tend to fail utterly, but in this particular instance, I think that this product will succeed because: 1. Everyone who buys the new iPhone every year is a complete sucker and if they spend $250 on the same thing each year, then they are sure to buy this too. 2. This could be very helpful to athletes who want to be able to use their device and work out at the same time.

  • People are losing interest:

    As things become less and less necessary and more and more gimmicky products will lose traction. The iWatch (and it's equivalents) will go the route of Google Glass ( Projection: ) which is sound but not nearly realistic. Glass will become more of a scientific tool ( ) than a commoner's dream.

    IWatch has even less going for it.

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Bullish says2014-07-23T20:24:52.830
1. It just sounds creepy;
2. The apple spam bots are trying to make apple look good again. This happened during iOS 7 too.