Will the Arkansas oil spill derail the Keystone Pipeline?

  • Yes, I believe it will.

    The Arkansas oil spill should not really have an effect on the Keystone Pipeline, but I know that environmentalists will jump on this opportunity to use this oil spill for delaying the project. Even though the two pipelines are not related, environmentalists will still try to argue that they are someone related to one another.

  • No, the pipeline will go through.

    There is a lot of money and potential jobs that will be generated from the Keystone Pipeline. Those making the decisions will do what is best for the economy and put environmental issues on the back burner. With the nation's economy barely moving, the pipeline revenue is needed to keep the country moving.

  • It's going to happen

    You can find comments on stories about this spill from people that write "who cares, nobody died" regarding it. I have literally, word for word read that more than once. That's how stupid and backwards our mentality on this is, roar oil good trees bad will eventually win out like it always has.

  • It will not

    I do not think that what has currently happened in the south is in any way going to end up affecting the larger pipe line that everyone has been debating about for a number of years at this point. It is an issue, for sure, but is not enough to derail things.

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