• Yes Tropical Storm Arthur wil have a major impact on the middle east coast

    Tropical Storm Arthur is already causing the postponement and cancellation of major holiday events in the Carolina Outer Banks and Florida. So there already has been a major impact to the East Coast with more to come as the storm starts its actual track up the coast. If it doesn't take the predicted turn seaward the impact will be even greater.

  • Hurricane Arthur already impacting Fourth of July plans

    In addition to the hurricane warning, tropical storm warnings were in effect for coastal areas in South Carolina and Virginia.

    On Wednesday, officials in Ocean City, Maryland said they were keeping a close eye on Arthur as it threatened the Atlantic Coast and plans for the Fourth of July.

    City officials decided to reschedule the timing of this weekend's fireworks events, moving them from Friday night to Saturday night.

  • Yes, major weather events often do

    Arthur has been upgraded to hurricane status, which always bears the risk that the severe weather could have a major impact on the communities in its path. The extent of the destruction will be a mystery until it happens; however, we can almost certainly expect damage due to downed trees and power lines, which will seem major to the people affected.

  • Yes, I believe it will.

    Some towns are already being evacuated in preparation for the big storm and I believe more will as the storm approaches. I think because of Hurricane Sandy and all other previous hurricanes, cities and states are more ready to take appropriate precautions before a big storm. These precautions may actually lessen the impact and damage of future hurricanes, but I think storms of thic magnitude can still cause a large mess.

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