• Yes, in some areas, the Arthur storm will impact the 4th of July.

    In the areas along storm Arthur's path, the 4th of July festivities will feel an impact. Rain and severe weather will delay outdoor activities, such as parades, picnics, barbecues, festivals, and athletic events. Even a heavy cloud deck causes fireworks displays to be cancelled. While events will be impacted, the spirit of the 4th of July will remain intact.

  • Yes, I believe it will.

    For those in the eye of the storm I believe their 4th of July will be impacted. The island of N.C. has already been evacuated and I think that more towns will be as the storm approaches. For the whole of the United States, no I don't think every state will be impacted but for those near the storm, they won't have many fireworks I would imagine.

  • Yes, Tropical Storm Arthur will impact 4th of July events.

    Communities in the Outer Banks of North Carolina have already cancelled major events and order mandatory evacuations of hotels, beaches and private homes due to Tropical Storm Arthur impact on the coast. It is estimated that Arthur will result in the loss of 25 to 40 percent of the Fourth of July business on the Outer Bank islands.

  • Hurricane Arthur already impacting Fourth of July

    The holiday weekend was not expected to be a complete loss for the estimated quarter-million visitors vacationing on the Outer Banks. Forecasters said the storm would move through quickly with the worst of the weather near Cape Hatteras about dawn Friday. Then it was expected to clear.
    In the Myrtle Beach area, the heart of South Carolina's $18 billion tourism industry, Arthur was expected to move by Thursday night, spinning wind gusts from 40 to 50 mph toward the high-rise hotels and condominiums lining the oceanfront.
    The National Hurricane Center predicted Arthur would swipe the coast early Friday with winds of up to 85 mph. The storm would be off the coast of New England later Friday and eventually make landfall in Canada's maritime provinces as a tropical storm, the Hurricane Center predicted.

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