Will The Bachelor 2016 attract as many viewers as the previous seasons?

  • Bachelor relies on steady followers

    The Bachelor is successful because it attracts the same viewers year in and year out to see what kind of mayhem will happen during the season and after the show is over to see if the couple will last (most likely not). I do not think that it will gain viewers this season, but I do think that because of their dedicated followers it will attract the same amount of viewers as in previous seasons.

  • People follow the Bachelor

    This year of The Bachelor will be just as successful as any other year because people like to live life through the television. Instead of going outside or having a real life conversation people would rather sit on the couch and watch a reality relationship. It is sickening but it is the truth these days.

  • Not as Many

    I don't think that The Bachelor 2016 will attract as many viewers as previous seasons because the concept is getting old. It seems that viewers are getting cynical about the show and the concept of women competing for a rich man's attention and affection. My circle of friends find the show to be demeaning to women and men alike.

  • No, it won't

    The bachelor is an old worn out show. Like American Idol it is losing its popularity. Do the couples on the show even stay together? It's basically trashy reality television. We would all be a lot better if this show ceased to exist. It's making us dumber and ruining the ideas of traditional dating.

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