Will the Bad Grandpa movie be as popular as Johnny Knoxville's past Jackass movies?

  • Yes it will

    Yes it will. I heard Johnny Knoxville on the radio last week talking about how the movie was tracking prior to release. According to him, Bad Grandpa is tracking better than all the other previous Jackass movies. I know when Jackass 3-D was released in 2010, it grossed over $50 mil in its opening weekend. I project an insane $55 mil opening weekend for Bad Grandpa.

  • At least I hope not.

    It is terrifying to me that such a huge percentage of the American populace is so mortifyingly STUPID as to enjoy those ridiculous pieces of steaming excrement.
    That we pay morons like this to perform stupid human tricks is one of the reasons other countries think we're all drooling morons- perhaps rightly so.

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