Will the Baltimore Ravens win another Super Bowl?

Asked by: Nordenkalt444
  • I think they will

    Look at John Elways example in his last 2 years, they won both times. Im sure the ravens can do the same. Joe flacco in his last 2 years might do it, it would be pretty awesome. But they need another special season, and cant screw up a last minute game in the playoffs before the superbowl. Look back at the 2008 season. Ravens nearly made it if it werent for Flacco's interception in the last second. Otherwise, im sure it can happen. Go, Ravens!

  • Probably.... Its possible.

    (Coming from a Niner fan) You guys did lose a lot of talent this year, however a lot of it was on defense. The draft this year was I think a pretty good one for you guys, and the first 4 draft picks you had were defensive, filling in holes such as safety, linebacker, and DT. You guys have a great coach in Jon Harbaugh, and while he coaches a little differently than Jim, both have experienced a lot of success in their careers, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Before Jon Harbaugh took over as headcoach, the team was not particularly successful, scoring seasons with 9 (2004), 6 (2005), 13 (2006), 5 (2007), and when he became head coach, an overall record of 63-30 (including post season). So with the draft picks, and excellent coaching, anything is possible.

  • By this I mean sometime soon.

    I'm not sure how well they'll play once we get our new player to replace Ray Lewis, but it seems to me that ever since we had Flacco and Harbaugh we've been on a streak with play-off games. Do you think they'll win again in the near future or at least get into play-offs?

  • No they suck

    The Baltimore Ravens are not good enough to win another superbowl. They have lost their best players specially Ed Reed to a better team: The Texans. A team that will win more superbowls than the Ravens is going to be the texans. That is why I believe the Ravens won't win.

  • I don't really know

    Anything is possible, but when you've unloaded as many players as the Ravens have, including one of the best linebackers in NFL history, there is room for improvement. I doubt the Baltimore Ravens will win another Super Bowl in the next five years, and teams winning multiple Super Bowls in a row is very uncommon anyway. I am a Ravens fan myself, but it takes a special season to win a championship, and I just don't see the Ravens having another season like that anytime soon.

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