• Through their experience they will.

    I believe the Baltimore Ravens are going into the Superbowl as favorites and they won't stop at nothing until they win it. Their defense at this point in the postseason has been nearly impregnable, and I doubt things will change. They have the intangibles of Ray Lewis on their squad as well. What Ray Lewis brings to the table is an undefinable energy to the team that will lead them to the win.

  • The Ravens Will Win

    The Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl this year. They have been playing great and I think they are a better team than the San Francisco 49ers. Joe Flacco has been playing out his mind this postseason and everyone on that team wants to win for Ray Lewis. They will get the job done.

  • 49ers Are Too Good

    With a gutsy young quarterback leading them, San Francisco is simply going to be too much for the Ravens to handle. Ray Lewis is old and injured, as are many other Baltimore Ravens. The youth and vigor of San Francisco will overwhelm the Ravens and will lead to a west coast victory.

  • The Ravens Will Not Win

    Throughout the Ravens playoff run, they have faced three quarterbacks who are completely immobile. While Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are all good to great quarterbacks in their own right, their lack of a run ability means that the Ravens defense could sit back and avoid having to spy the quarterback. San Francisco's dynamic offense will pose a great threat to Baltimore and ultimately allow them to win the game.

    Posted by: pdrm

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