Will the BCIEP2 Big Bang test results be confirmed?

Asked by: Aaige05
  • BICEP Big Bang test theories are only based on other theories that have not yet been proven.

    Simply the Big Bang theory is a faint statement with many variations. Many areas of the Big Bang theory is very vague and not completely thought through with not enough evidence backing it. The BICEP test was also using elements of the Big Bang in order to prove the Big Bang theory's reality itself. I believe this is enough to simply prove that the BICEP theory was only a small step towards a method of proving the Big Bang but we still need to prove many other theories like dark matter itself in order to fully prove the reality of the BICEP test.

  • I hope so

    I hope they get confirmed. This will be further evidence against God. If the results get confirmed that so should prove the big bang theory to be correct we only will then will need to prove the cause such as quantum fluctuations. The other universes experiment were not confirmed in other tests so less pray it is with this one.

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