Will the beheading of James Foley weaken media involvement in Syria and other war-torn middle eastern nations?

Asked by: Iwasaki
  • Americans and other western reporters lives would be in danger

    The tragic beheading of American journalist James Foley, has caused controversy about safety of journalists in these war-torn parts. The number of journalists would decrease, because of the safety of them. America and other countries want their citizens to not be in the hands of horrible terrorist groups such as ISIS. Media companies also fear for the safety of their journalists.

  • You should know how well the exclusive news can sell

    Where the hotspot is, where the news media will be. Actually I think some of the journalists would even love to be in the war zone to report the truth to the world. The duty and that kind of honor is hard to be measured by pragmatism. Media should be more involved in middle east, without journalists, who to tell the crime

  • The Media has a reputation of stubbornness and will go against the odds just to receive coverage it needs to show the truth

    I've been watching a lot of news lately involving Foley's death and even seen the execution video on Youtube before it was taken down. Knowing the US and it's stubbornness to give in to terrorists groups, such as Isis, I believe Obama will simply see the execution as an action of cowardice and the media will get more involved, since most journalists are aware of the dangers of war zones and like Foley, are willing to put down their lives for the truth. I consider Foley a martyr for his bravery in Syria and since the coverage is still active in the Middle East, no doubt, more will be coming, in retaliation for Foley's death.

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