• Yes, Benghazi will damage Clinton's legacy

    It is sad how mis-handled this situation was. The Secretary of State should have had far more control over what the situation was and should have been more up front with the people on what happened there. Sadly, 4 citizens were murdered and we did not react properly and quickly enough. The only way she will not be hurt is if she is able to pass the responsibility on to others.

  • Hillary's legacy is in tact

    The Benghazi report will not do damage to Hillary Clinton's legacy. She has contributed a lot to this country and her accomplishments will overshadow this. When Hilary is mentioned people will talk about her as a First Lady In The While House and the job he did as the Secretary of State.

  • No, Hillary's legacy will be fine.

    We cannot expect our leaders to be perfect in every regard. Clinton has an outstanding record and is admired by just about everyone. Condoleeza Rice acknowledged that the Bush Administration had been warned that Osama bin Laden meant to strike within the US prior to 9/11 and her reputation did not suffer because of it. Clinton is a strong political figure and I suppose her political opponents will try to take her down, and the media will make as much of the story as they can, but Clinton will survive. She has a strong reputation in her service to this country and that will count for much.

  • In the end, Americans as a whole probably won't care.

    While the Benghazi report is terrible, the American people are typically uneducated on matters like this as a whole. Black marks like this I don't believe would have a lasting impact on Clinton's elect-ability. Honestly, she has more to overcome by being a woman. In 2016 this report will likely be brought up by her competitor, but the American public as a whole will likely not remember or care about this incident.

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