• Blackhawks Will Soon Sweep Wild in NHL Playoffs

    The Blackhawks will sweep the Wild in the NHL Playoffs because, in the proportions of the teams wins and losses, they have better statistics than many of the other teams that are playing in the same league. By winning over half as many games as they have losses, the odds are in their favor.

  • Wild is a good team

    The Wild have played well this season and are a fairly solid team. I seriously doubt they are good enough to give the Blackhawks a difficult time in the series but winning a series in four games is very difficult. The Wild will not be swept they will win at least one game but lose the series.

  • No, the Blackhawks will not sweep the Wild.

    Whereas the Blackhawks are favored to win the series, the Wild will definitely win at least one game, thereby preventing a sweep. The Wild are historically better at home games, and since the next two games in the series are home games, I believe the Wild will win the next two games, but will ultimately lose the series to the Blackhawks.

  • Return to home ice will boost the Wild

    Sweeping an NHL playoff series is very difficult to accomplish and this series between the Blackhawks and Wild will justify that opinion. The series now returns to Minnesota after the Blackhawks won the first two games in Chicago. The combination of playing at home with the desperation of being down by two games in the series will propel the Wild to at least one win and prevent a series sweep.

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