Will the Boston bombings put terrorism back at the top of the national agenda?

  • I believe the Boston bombings will put terrorism back at the top of the national agenda.

    I believe the Boston bombings will put terrorism back at the top of the national agenda. I think we became complacent to the problems of terrorism because other issues have been our focus, such as the poor economy and gun control. It is startling that bombings can occur at an event like the marathon. People just don't feel safe anymore, so the issue of terrorism is going to re-emerge.

  • People are tired of the "War on Terror."

    Although this is clearly a serious issue that we need to find answers to, and people will again focus on terrorism for a time, most people have begun to see the flaws in the idea of the "War on Terror." There may certainly be similar problems that we as a nation should be wary of, but I don't believe that we will see a full-on repeat of the last decade.

  • No the Boston bombing will not put terrorism at the top of the national agenda.

    The bombing at the Boston Marathon will increase the American public's awareness for increase concern with the issues of both international and domestic terrorism, but the top issue on the national agenda is going to remain the budget. We, as a country, just address our financial issues and find an effective way to address out budget problems.

  • No, the bombing doesn't make terrorism a critical issue.

    While the bombing was an awful event, there is no need to panic. There is no evidence so far to indicate a large or organized group behind this bombing. There is also no evidence of a failure of "the system." The emergency response was fast, effective, and thorough. The bomb was apparently small, portable, and located in an open public venue. Based on the current information, there's simply nothing more to be done to prevent a random event like this. It is sad, and it is scary, but we can take comfort in the fact that our country takes our safety very seriously and does everything possible to keep us safe without violating our freedom.

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