Will the Boston Celtics regret trading player Rajon Rando to the Dallas Mavericks?

  • The Celtics will regret trading Rajon Rondo.

    They will miss his natural athletic ability and exceptional court vision. Rondo is a point guard who truly defined the Celtic offense and whose presence will be missed on and off the court in Boston. Although he wasn't always easy for players and fans to like, he blossomed into an All-Star and will leave a hole when he is gone.

  • Yes, I think that the Boston Celtics regret trading player Rajon Rando to the Dallas Mavericks

    I really do believe that the Boston Celtics regret trading player Rajon Rando to the Dallas Mavericks. Rando was one of their most enigmatic players on the court. The organization made a huge mistake in letting him go. He put up a pretty good amount of points and helped lead them to victory time and time again. They will grow to regret this choice sooner than later.

  • yes they will

    I am not really sure why the Celtics are trading him, and putting other great players up in the draft. Maybe there is some sort of weird logic behind it, but as far as I can tell, it seems like a ridiculous move to trade someone with his great stats.

  • No the Boston Celtics will not and should not be regretted

    First of all, I know that the celtics have bad seasons since Garnett, pierce, allen and more left the team. However, they shouldn't depend on Rajon rondo on helping them win games. I know there will be a couple of tough seasons for the celtics in the future but they still have time to fix their team to be a playoffs team. There are many rookies in celtics so they still have a long journey and they can train more to increase their chemistry and stuff. I think the coaches should let the rookies have big time in order to get experiences. Kobe is a good example, many people say that he should go to college before going to the nba. But then when the players of his batch went into the nba, he's already an experienced nba player and can compete with the amateurs or even the goat michael Jordan. So I really think that trading Rajon rondo for a couple of rookies is worth than letting him say depending on him. Another example was the golden state warriors. Previous years, no one ever thinks that they can make the playoffs cause most of them are rookies like curry, green and thompson. Look at them after these years of practice and hard work, it paid off. In conclusion, in my opinion, the Boston Celtics shall not be regretted for trading Rajon rondo although he is a talented player and a leader.

  • No, the Celtics will not regret trading Rondo.

    Since yesterday's trade was announced, many Boston devotees have decried the trade, saying that Boston got the short end of the shaft with this trade. Indeed, none of the players Boston received in return are particularly spectacular or marquee, franchise type players. But these fans should not forget that Boston also got two good draft picks, which along with the numerous picks they already had mean that Boston will be acquiring a huge number of young talent in the next three years or so.

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