• Yes, BRIC nations' economies will grow.

    I definitely think that the nations in BRIC will continue to economically grow. I think that the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China will only continue to be successful. Their nations have been getting better ever since some of them adopted the principles of capitalism. I think that it can only be a good thing for the international world.

  • Yes, they will

    I do think the BRIC nations economies will continue to grow, and at a rapid pace, except for Russia. These countries have vast resources and are collectively going through economic and population booms. Over the next decade, expect to see rapid growth in these countries and for them to continue on an upward trend.

  • Yes, I think BRIC nations economies will continue to grow.

    I think the BRIC nations may experience hick ups here or there with their economic growth but overall I think that they will continue to grow and expand at a rapid rate as their economies continue to develop into vibrant and wealthy nations, I think more and more countries around the BRIC's will start to grow rapidly based off their success.

  • They are on the way up.

    Yes, the BRIC nations' economies will continue to grow, because they have gotten a taste of money and business and they want to improve on it. Life in India has gotten a lot better for a lot of people quickly. In China, they are seeing what big business can do. These countries will continue to grow.

  • No, these countries have significant underlying problems

    While I believe China's economy will grow erratically, I do not believe Brazil, Russia, and India will make any significant gains. China has a rapidly industrializing population, but huge social and environmental problems that will hinder its development in the coming decades. Brazil has notoriously high corruption and a huge slum population, and there is little to suggest this will change. Russia has a very low birth rate and a continuing suspicion of immigration and Western democracies. India has done little to modernize its enormous population, and its most successful citizens emigrate elsewhere. While these countries may grow their economies to some degree, I believe it will be sub-par compared to the world.

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