• Yes, they are a team.

    Yes, the Bruins will win the Stanley Cup, because they are the only team in the NHL that plays are a team. The team that ends up winning does not have a lot of famous players, but they have talented players that work together. That is the Bruins this year. They will not dominate, but their skill will carry them through.

  • No, You have WON GAME 7 FOR THE CANUCKS!!

    No, this should not happen because we could almost won the Stanley cup finals, and who's fault is that? Canucks paid all their tickets with big amount of cash to see the Canucks games throughout the season back in June 14, 1994, it was against the New York Rangers Away team because we didn't win for the stanley cup series for years and for that, the Vancouverites and 1 seattler is doing criminal stuff and people got mobbed by the final game, June 15, 2011. 9 people got arrested for breaking the law. But the bad news is somebody exploded two police cars by the fire during the evening. You Boston people had treated us like animals but you Boston people are... And for your Marathon. We were happy of the two building explosives come to an end of the marathon race. And this year 2014, Montreal Canadiens had beat your ass off, because of that pay back for the canucks riot and no one who started the vancouver riot in the evening caused the city a fine for $1.7 million dollars to repair the banks stores, and bars, people were beating up each other, or IT MAYBE YOUR BOSTON FANS. Vancouver hates Boston, Seattle hates Boston, Portland likes Boston, Los Angeles hates Boston alot. All because of Tim Thomas fault. 2013-14 Canucks had John Torella as our new coach, Roberto Loungo got Traded to Florida Panthers, And Is isn't the end Bruins. Hahahaha....

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rja7 says2013-08-12T02:49:58.800
Yes they will