• Out with the Old

    Yes it is time that they give their young franchise quarterback a chance. Kyle Orton was good for this year to give him another year training. Kyle Orton is a decent quarterback but he is not an all star. He was good as a fill in but when it comes down to it he is not who you need going forward.

  • The Buffalo Bills will be better off in 2015 without Kyle Orton.

    The Buffalo Bills will be better off in 2015 without Kyle Orton. Although he was a successful player at one point, it seems like he has not lead his team to a strong game record. This is probably because his age and experience in the NFL has slowly worn him down. They will likely be able to find a player that is younger and has the skills necessary to adapt and lead the Buffalo Bills to victory.

  • They will be better, but not because Orton is gone

    Kyle orton was an average QB, an average QB does not win you Super Bowls so I think it's good that he's gone. But EJ Manuel is no star, he's not as good as Orton either. The reason the bills will be better is because they will be lead by the best running back in the game, with the best defensive coach in the game.

  • It is hard to say.

    EJ has more potential but over the last 2 years, that potential is not coming forwards. And with a new coach coming in, there will likely be a change in the game plan which may help or may not help. Depending on who is still available, they may grab a QB in the mid-late rounds that will fit the style of the new coach. Ultimately, Orton was not that good, so replacing him should not be too hard.

  • No the Buffalo Bills will miss Kyle Orton in 2015

    At 32 and a 10-year NFL veteran Kyle Orton would have lots of offer the Bills as either their starting quarterback, as he proved this year, or as an experienced backup quarterback. But you have to respect the man for putting his family life ahead of the game of football. I wish him well.

  • Kyle Orton announces retirement

    The Buffalo Bills may not be better off if they do not have a veteran quarterback to lead and show the rookies. There is hope in EJ Manuel whom Orton spent some time with this past season. Time will tell. Orton says that EJ has all the ability in the world and has his head on straight.

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wildmanz says2014-12-31T05:52:57.770
At least they will get a higher draft pick next year