Will the burning of elephant tusks actually make a large difference in the poaching community?

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  • Burning elephant tusks will increase poaching.

    By burning elephant tusks, one decreases the supply, thus increasing the scarcity of them. By diminishing the supply of elephant ivory, the price for it will soar, only encouraging more poachers to kill elephants and harvest their tusks. Perhaps the only way to make a large difference in the poaching community is to either destroy demand, or flood the supply.

  • No, Burning elephant tusks will not make a difference to poaching

    No, the burning of elephant tusks does not make a large difference to the poaching community. If the tusks are not burned, they can be kept as a keepsake or sold for profit. Therefore, the burning of the elephant tusks does not increase the number of elephants that are being poached.

  • Greed is king

    People who are greedy will always find new ways to feed their need for money, and while it is good on its face to burn elephant tusks, they will just find another way to get around laws. The problem is that there is too much demand, and as long as there is demand there will be poaching.

  • Burning stockpiles of elephant tusks is an ineffective way of dealing with poaching

    I do not believe that the burning of elephant tusks is an effective way to discourage poaching. Once the tusks have been harvested the crime has been committed and it is too late. It would be like destroying evidence from a robbery; it has no effect on the perpetrator. Instead, the guilty parties should be brought to justice and a use should be found for the ivory in some way in which profit is not a motive.

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