• Of course they will

    According to ESPN insider and the Cardinals have a big chance of winning the series. Sure the Red Sox have a great chance to, but let's face it, they've been doing their best since Albert Pujols left to the Angels. They got this. Since 2006 and 2011 I predict they will win at least twice more unless they lose their infielder Matt Carpenter.

  • This might be a bit of a stretch,

    But today is 11/2/2013, several days past the end of the World Series and I am going to go out on a limb and say that it is unlikely, nay, near impossible for the Cardinals to come back from their 4 - 2 game deficit. The biggest factor going against them at this point is the World Series is over and so they have no more games to try to make up the deficit. If that wasn't enough, they still have to worry about Ortiz. Those two facts combined make their chances close to zip.

  • Not according to my matrix

    I have run a highly detailed mathematical model using stats from each team. A long running regression on the equivalent to the Cray Super Computer has revealed that the Cardinals have a less than 2.789 percent chance of winning, while the Red Sox have a better than 99.358 percent chance.

  • NO, they should not.

    The New York Yankees are the only baseball team that is worth watching, cheering for, and that is a real team. All the others are posers. It is sad they had to form teams just for the Yankees to have someone to play, but alas they did. Sorry 'Cardinals' [what twerp name].

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