• Boston needs a break

    Boston has been go go go, and when it comes down to it Boston will be too tired to win it all so the Cardinals will win it in 6 games. I only say this because Boston has to win because with the cheer of the home fans they are guaranteed to win a couple but overall the Cards will win it because they are well rested and ready to go.

  • Number one in baseball.

    Who Who can beat them?. They have a tremendous lineup, good defense, and the best rookies in baseball. I think they go all the way.Good pitching staff, best catcher in basebaa, hard theowing rookie pitchers, no stopping the cards. Put your money on them,St. Louis will bring trophy home.Go cards.,

  • No, The Cardinals Will Not Win This Year

    After winning it all in 2011 and losing to 2012's eventual champions, the San Francisco Giants, in seven hard-fought games, St. Louis has to be one of the favorites this year. Unfortunately, the strong performances from Beltran and Molina will not be enough to make up for their less-than-stellar roster. They will likely have another good playoff run be bounced early.

  • No, the Cardinals will not win the World Series again.

    No, I don't believe that the Cardinals will win the world series again. Rather than basing this theory on past statistics and factual knowledge, I am basing this on the sole fact that they couldn't even beat the Mets today. The fact that they only won by 2 runs yesterday backs up this theory that the Cardinals are slipping. Perhaps they need a better pitcher.

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