• The auto show is this week!

    With the Detroit auto show beginning this week, and shows in Grand Rapids to follow, the Chevy Bolt is going to be a big display. People around the world are eager to see the different vehicles, and see Chevy produce something that is cutting edge. Chevy has stepped up to innovate, and consumers are eager.

  • Too much competition in the hybrid market

    American automakers came to the hybrid car market a little late and have not done well enough in garnering market share vs the Japanese hybrid models. Japanese hybrids are still better rated and with the cheaper yen they will now be more competitively priced with the American produced hybrids going forward.

  • No, Bolt won't be tops in 2017

    It will not be possible for the Bolt to be the top selling auto in 2017, unless across the US every segment of the population changes buying patterns. There will be further challenges to it becoming the top selling auto as the price of oil continues to drop. Electric cars were a potential rage as the world was reeling from the high price of gas. WIth the lower price of gas, see the rise of the gas guzzlers again.

  • Moving Forward with Our Cars

    The Chevy Volt is a great response to the large and clunky models that the Auto Industry has been producing. They listened to how the customer wanted a sleeker model that took less gas to go to work. These factors have to be a huge boost, that will push it to be one of the top selling automobiles in 2017.

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