• They are the best team.

    The Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup. They have been the best team all season. They have worked really hard to be called the best team. They have so many weapons on their team it is not even funny. They always have a person to step up when someone is not having a good game.

  • They have a shot and have great potential.

    As with any other team in the National Hockey League, the Chicago Black Hawks have a shot at winning the Stanley Cup. They have shown themselves to be a team of great potential. The real question is whether or not they can turn that potential into success, and I bet they can.

  • Yes they can!

    Chicago Blackhawks are a very talented team who have a strong possibility of winning the Stanley Cup! As I have seen with other sports that the under dog sometimes wins because they do not have the pressure that being in first place has to hold the weight on their shoulders. I guess we will find out shortly!

  • Falcons of the NHL

    It's a proven fact that the Blackhawks choke in the second round, sort of like the Falcons of the NHL. It has been happening for a while and there is no proof to show any different. Until someone can provide indisputable proof before hand there is simply no way I can put my trust in Chicago.

  • The Chicago Blackhawks can't stay hot forever.

    With 29 other teams, chances are another team will heat up at the right time and beat them. I'm sure a lot of people thought the Patriots would win the Super Bowl when they were undefeated. The Hawks are winning a lot in OT/ SO, and to me they look very beatable.

  • They are too cocky coming in to this

    They think just because they pretty much swept the season they will walk in and take the cup. The playoffs is a totally different stage . I can almost guarantee that the Black hawks will not win the Stanley cup. They do have a lot of good players but will not help them if Crawford is not on his game because he has a lot of pressure on him.

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