Will the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2015?

Asked by: TravelingtheUSA
  • The Future Says So

    In the movie, back to the Future II which came out in 1989, there is a scene where the Chicago Cubs won the 2015 World Series against the Miami Gators. Although there is no teams called the Miami Gators, The Chicago Cubs have a 15 to 1 chance of winning the World Series this year and if they can make a playoff spot either as the division winner or the Wild Card winner, they could win the World Series and Back to the Future II would be correct in saying the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2015.

  • Not a Chance

    All, well definitely most, great championship teams are built from a few years of experience. Even the great Miami experiment needed one year losing to the Mavs before LBJ captured that elusive ring. They have a great manager, they are putting together a staff and all the young talent in the world. They need to try and fail before they can learn to win. I know some might say they have been trying and failing for over a century, but this might finally be the core of players and the manager needed to take them to the promised land. Just give them longer than 2015 to do it.

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