• If we start early.

    Yes, the Chinese language will be something that Americans can learn early, if we are taught not to be afraid of it. Every person in China somehow managed to learn it, so we can learn it too. We just have to appreciate that it's just a language and we can do it.

  • No, they are two completely different languages.

    Chinese and English are two very different languages. Chinese is a very complex language, as opposed to English which has been the same for a very long time. The only thing that has changed in the English language is what words are used. The Chinese have different varieties by region, meaning it would be very hard to teach. So unless it is taught at birth, Americans will never learn.

  • No, it's got a different alphabet and sound.

    As a rule, those born in the United States do not learn other languages easily because they are not exposed to them at an early age. But those with a different alphabet such as Chinese are particularly difficult. And there is also the fact that, unlike the Romance languages, the sounds made are different, too.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I do not believe the Chinese language is something Americans can learn easily. Americans are introduced to English first and there are very few similarities between Chinese and English. It will always be difficult to learn Chinese and English together, the two languages have very little in common and they are both very precise.

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