Will the Chinese Property Bubble have a hard landing?

Asked by: JDuB
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  • China, despite having the 3rd most direct foreign investment, will have a hard landing from their property bubble.

    The growing middle class caused the property bubble when the Chinese Government only allowed the middle class to invest in only a few industries: Real Estate being the largest. Multiple problems with low efficiency rates by some state owned companies, supply structures not matching demand, companies in excessive debt, and the rise of Ghost cities are fueling this bubble. I originally expected a soft landing for the Chinese economy when their growth rate cooled in 2012, and again this year. But a corrupt government can't tap the breaks on the magic 8% growth rate without causing market shock. Growing manufacturing in other Asian countries, the United States, and Germany coupled with rising wages seem to be decreasing China's foreign direct investment (a significant part of their growth).

    Posted by: JDuB
  • Everything has its time.

    All bubbles eventually pop, and eventually the Chinese housing bubble will do the same. Even though the Americans with their irrational exuberance over mortgages in the 00's nearly brought down the world economy, they were responsible enough to admit they screwed up and fix it. Will China, with the Asian mindset of saving face, be able to do the same? The scary thing is that probably not.

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