• I believe so!

    I believe that more men need to practice chivalry. I think that the origin of the word could be relevant today due to the standard of how a man should treat a woman. The problem is that a man's father is not teaching his son how to treat a woman, and that is one of the many reasons why we have so many domestic problems in households!

  • Chivalry Will Help You In The End

    I think that chivalry is something that is an important part of society. Although there has been a massive change in the roll of women in the past 100 years they still deserve respect and to be treated properly. Doing nice things for women in the end will just help you out. It will make you look classier, more sophisticated, and better than the rest.

  • No

    While there are a number of good aspects to chivalry, such as honesty, respect for women, and protecting the defenseless, there are a number of bad aspects, such as absolute obedience to religious and civil authority. Any doctrine that calls for strict obedience to another human being is illogical, and is more than likely an outright attempt to exploit and control another.

  • It's outdated.

    Chivalry is outdated. It's derived from the French word for "horseman" and was used to refer to the code of behavior adopted by mounted knights during the Middle Ages. That is literally all it is. It does have some standards on how to treat women, but these are often thought of as sexist and chauvinist nowadays anyway. It's not a bad thing to be nice to people, but this word just doesn't mean what people want it to.

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