• We don't trust.

    Yes, the Chrysler Jeep recall will hurt their profit, because they are losing the faith of the American people. Chrysler is one of the American car companies, and those are notorious for being unreliable, even deadly vehicles. The only domestic vehicles that people trust anymore is Ford. The Jeep recall is just another example of our domestic inept car companies.

  • Chrysler/Jeep Profit plunge prediction

    I cannot see how with all these recalls profits aren't going to take a huge cut. Chrysler/Jeep is a mid level car company that survives on mid level people wanting a so/so affordable new car. Having to fix all of these recalls will take a big bite out of business both in repairs and also brand recognition.

  • Bad for image

    Any time a company is forced to recall products, their profits will be hurt. It should be no different for Chyrsler Jeep. The real question is HOW much their profits will be hurt. When shopping for a car, people will always subliminally think about the recalls and that will play a part in deciding what car to get. Some people will not buy Chrysler Jeep because of this, but some people still will, so the profits will hurt them a little.

  • Chrysler will only be minimally affected.

    There's a new trend forming among the internet blogs, about nature and having all-terrain lifestyles. The people out there that love Jeep will continue to buy Jeep no matter what. I used to have one, and there's a sense of community among Jeep owners. We're product loyal and it will stay that way.

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