• Yes they will.

    The Colts will win the super bowl because they are simply the best team. I think they are destined to win and they more than likely will. They have so many people rooting for them and cheering them on that it is only right that they win and they have improved over the past year.

  • Colts will not make it to the superbowl

    I've made predictions about who will go to the Super Bowl for the last 2 years, following week 3 of the regular NFL season. I have been right about who would go, but not the outcome, 2 years in a row. My picks this year are looking pretty good. I'm calling a Seahawks vs Broncos Super Bowl. I think that Peyton Manning is looking to add one more Super Bowl Ring to his collection, before he has his career ending injury. The Seahawks are just the most solid choice from the NFC.

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