• The Comcast-Netflix deal with raise prices for consumers.

    The Comcast-Netflix deal forces Netflix to pay comcast more for direct upload access. This, ultimately, will most certainly be passed onto consumers. The deal could also force Netflix to give preference to Comcast programming, which may not be to the liking of all consumers. Netflix could eventually just become another arm of Comcast, forcing consumers attempting to avoid inflated cable prices into paying for cable.

  • Yes, Causing download delays

    The problem was caused by an expensive traffic jam occurring between Netflix and Comcast.
    Streaming high-definition video to millions of homes every day means
    moving a ton of data around — 30% of peak Internet traffic in the U.S.,
    in Netflix's case. Since 2012, Netflix has let Internet service
    providers video improve stream quality by connecting directly to their Open Connect network.

  • No, I don't think the Comcast-Netflix deal will cause problems for consumers.

    I think that deal will have both pros and cons for consumers but overall I think consumers will benefit from this deal, with this deal Comcast customers should be able to access Netflix's streaming service faster and with a higher quality connection to the service, deals between Netflix and Internet Service providers will accelerate over the years.

  • The Comcast-Netflix deal will not cause problems for consumers.

    The Comcast-Netflix deal will actually improve the consumer's experience of Netflix. Netflix service on Comcast has been slowing down due to the large amount of traffic. Third party ISP's have installed Netflix's Open Connect Content Delivery Network devices within their server installations, reducing overall bandwidth for Netflix streaming. Comcast did not. This new deal entails Netflix paying comcast to install Open Connect CDN into their server installations. This will speed up Netflix for consumers who use Comcast, because Netflix data will stream directly from Comcast instead of a third party.

  • No, it will not cause problems

    The deal between Netflix and Comcast will not cause problems for consumers. I think the main point of the deal was to let Comcast subscribers also have easier access to Netflix, but Netflix will still let non-Comcast subscribers use it services, so everything for non-Comcast people will remain the same, which should not cause problems.

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