• I hope so.

    The Confederate States of America was a legitimate government, formed out of law-abiding states that had and still have every right to secede from the United States. If another democrat is elected, we may have riots in the streets, or a full blown revolution. THAT is how the South will rise again.

  • Hell yeah brother

    The Southern United States is the best and most beautiful place in the world hands down. We have our own culture, Cuisine, And dialects. We have the most beautiful women as well. Don't forget about all the new factories moving to the South as well. YEE YEE THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!

  • Our beautiful country

    Our country is dying but I'm tired of it we should leave this place and finally rise against our country can inspire others to leave and we might not have good enough military but we have pride and that's what we have and what we need more of. . .
    Good bye fellow confederates

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    John Wilkes Booth will come out of hiding very very soon (after nearly 154 years), And will liberate us from this hellish nation, Bringing back the glorius Confederacy. We will be capable of going to Hale-Bopp after this. Our savior Booth will overthrow our corrupt government and free us, Allowing us to fly 16000 feet above LA, Free amontillado and Hale-Bopp pudding. Thanks Booth, The honorable Confederacy shall return. Sic Semper Tyrannis, You sockdoligizong old man trap!

  • John Wilkes Booth will save us

    Soon, John Wilkes Booth will finally come out of hiding after 154 years. John Wilkes Booth loves all people, And wants justice for the Confederacy. He will give death to all tyrants in order to free us all. He will dismantle the US government and make the CSA finally return. I am counting the days until this happens. So hyped. Booth will enact his sweet retribution on this corrupt country.

  • Freedom for all

    I'm from England and I find it disgraceful how your politicians are riding rough shot over the confederate state's and never listening to your rights and God givern right to speak your mind and voice your hard earned opinions so from me good luck nerver ever stop voicing everything that you believe in

  • We will rise again

    The South didn't want queers to be allowed to marry on look where we are not to mention all the liberal bull shit we have to talk for our past and on top of all that the Democratic Party seems to want to put more shit down our throat it's pushing it

  • I gust tack the south will rise agen because of the Norths liberal bull shit

    Manley it stared when the liberals stared making gay marge legal than trig to tack our guns still trying to do that and trying to get our women to abort their babes that to me says their trying to clean the earth of Southerners butt. Good luck with that than they tried and did tack down our statues and our flag... So ya the south will rise agen

  • Hell yes it will

    As long as there are proud southerners as myself,or the Texans there will atleast be 1 southern state that will attempt to break away in a long term relation most likely Texas or the cajuns of Louisiana. The idea of a unified south is still appealing. In conclusion before i get off topic there are people in the south who hate the north.

  • The South shall rise again!

    The federal government wants to use the South as it did in Lincoln's time. And along with all of the security that the feds have spying on American citizens I do not have any problem with the South rising against the oppressive federal government. I say May the union be damned!

  • The Confederacy will not rise again.

    The Confederacy was defeated in the 19th Century, and it has shown no signs of rising again. The Civil War was about slavery, and that matter has been settled. Slavery is obviously bad, and there is no place for it in a free country. The ideas of the Confederacy are long gone.

  • As much as I wish it would, not enough people believe.

    History is written by the victors and whether the confederacy was justified or not, the yankees wrote history. So those who would rebel were conditioned to think differently and those who wanted a unified america became even more supportive. As a result not enough eople believe in the confederate states of america.

  • No Confederacy will not rise again

    No, I do not think that the Confederacy will rise again and that the Civil War will never happen again. I think those who supported the Confederacy are now long gone, and many people see just how bad the Civil War was and how violence never leads to a good outcome.

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