Will The Crime Rate Drop In The UK If The Police Were Armed?

  • Crime rate would drop if the police were armed in the uk

    I think that the police should be armed so that the crime rate could drop but the only disadvantage to this is that there is a high chance that is the police start to carry weapons other criminals will start to carry weapons and that their is also a high chance that innocent people will die. If the police were armed crime rate could drop because criminals could be scared that they could get shot and police would be more intimidating so small levels of crime would drop but the high levels of crimes could continue so they should prepare to handle these crimes.

  • NO!!!!!!!! Defo no

    Because the criminals will commit more serious crimes as they will have guns too so the one-time will be screwed again. That is my opinion. I put the STD in STUD all I need is U. My favourite book is Mein Kampf. I am good at CoD ia got a triple kill yesterday.

  • I dont really think

    To be honest I think a criminal is a criminal and they will continue to commit crimes, having said that the number of caught criminals may go up. What I'm saying is I dont think it will change because pretty much nothing will stop criminals because they really dont care most of the time.

  • Crime is a cultural and socio-economic thing

    What pushes people to commit crimes isnt whether or not the police are packing heat, it instead has to do with economic opportunities, poverty, level of education, and other factors like that. Gun crimes in the UK are so low to even begin with (heavy gun control there) that I dont think the police having guns would change much of anything.

  • Help me please

    I dont even get this site there is no monkeys to be found.
    The crime rate wouldnt drop because my mixtape would drop first also the criminals would not be deterred as they are in the mindset of commiting a crime. Guns are also bad but hey ho i love this site

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