Will the culture wars benefit the GOP in the 2012 election?

  • Yes I believe the culture wars did benefit the GOP in the 2012 elections

    They not only impacted the reelection of a so called black president, but in the case of porn in California all but destroyed a business as they are now required in LA to use condoms among other things in porn movies to be legal. That is gonna end up costing the state billions of dollars as no one is gonna wanna adhere to the law and may even move so they don't have to. So yeah I think the culture wars benefited the GOP greatly in the 2012 elections.

  • Sadly, yes.

    In a country where less than half of the population believes in evolution, there is a very real threat of not just socially conservative beliefs, but outright reactionary ones. A disturbing number of people believe-- for various reasons-- that homosexuals are not entitled to the same rights as everyone else, simply because of their sexual orientation. The GOP is taking advantage of this.

  • When the "Culture Wars" attacked more than half of the U.S. population, how could it be seen as beneficial in the 2012 election?

    The GOP's Culture Wars targeted women. We had one member of the GOP saying that a woman's body prevented pregnancy from rape, another saying that a pregnancy from a rape was "God's will", the men in Congress discussing women's health issues without hearing the voices of women, and Rush calling a woman ( who spoke for the coverage of birth control pills on behalf of her friend who had health problems which the pill resolved) a slut, etc. and then they wondered why most women said "no" when asked to vote for GOP candidates. Add this to the perceived lack of compassion of the GOP which wants to fund more military and defense projects at the expense of the poor, the disabled, the young, the infirm, the children, the elderly, and various minority groups, and you have a loss of credibility, a loss of power, and a loss of the ability to rule... Such were the losses experienced by the Republican Party in the 2012 election.

  • The "culture wars" did not benefit the GOP in the 2012 election

    I believe that the "culture wars" did not help the Republican Party in the 2012 election. It lost its chance to have a Republican President. It did not regain the Senate and is more vulnerable, even in the House, than it was before. This though is not the real problem with the "culture wars". The"Culture Wars" caused many people to feel attacked. Those who felt attacked were women, the poor, the young, the middle class, and members of minority groups. The Republican Party is seen more as the Party of the rich, white male, and there are fewer of these people in the population than before. The Republican Party is now in a weakened position and will have to regroup and re-evaluate its stance against so many people in the Nation.

  • No, the GOP is out of touch with current American culture

    I do not think that the culture wars will benefit the GOP in the 2012 election because the Republican party promotes antiquated and unpopular cultural beliefs. The GOP's stance of discriminating against gay people and hard line approach to taking away a woman's right to have control of her own body will not work to their advantage.

  • Gay Rights, Anti-Abortion Stances Hurt GOP

    The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the Republican "war on women" have left the Republican Party in a bind. Extreme anti-abortion stances of Rep. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock of Indiana have swung the entire GOP further to the right. Although the Republican base will support these candidates and these issues, independent voters won't go with the GOP should the race come down to social issues. The "culture wars" will continue to be won by an increasingly more liberal stance on rights for gays and women.

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