• Yes, B.B. King Was a Leading Influence in the Popularity of Jazz Music

    In my opinion, B.B. King was a the best icon for jazz music. He kept jazz alive. He touched the hearts of music lovers across all ages and ethnic groups. When B.B. King would sing the blues, I felt that he understood my troubles. Hearing his voice seemed to make the burdens of everyday life seem lighter. B.B. King's music influence my life. He impacted the musical style of other musicians who become popular following his success..

  • BB's death will be felt

    BB's death will be felt, and there will be a gap where his music stands. BB is from a different time. He has music chops and personal class that most singers and musicians do not have these days. Perhaps BB has a relative that has been in training under his wing. It would be nice to hear from such a person.

  • B.B. King will be missed, but...

    B.B. King was an influential musician. While his influence is far reaching and will continue, his presence has not been felt in recent years. As a result, his death will not leave a big hole in the music industry. Rather, his legacy and music will live on through those he influenced.

  • His legacy is still here

    Although it was of course sad to hear about B.B. King's death, and he was active in the music business until the end, there won't be a hole left behind. His work over the years, and his influence on other artists, some of whom are major stars in their own right now, means that what he started will still be here.

  • Blues is not a major genre.

    While his music was amazing, and he was insanely talented, the general public's interest in the Blues is declining rapidly. The music business is a very general term, and if you look at the industry as a whole, there is a lot more money to be made from more popular [although worse] genres such as pop or hip hop, than the great music that can come out of the Blues genre.

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