Will the death of S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, affect business?

  • Yes, of course!

    This means that the business can make changes, and has to! A new leader will be running chick-fil-a, or someone else will take over and make the rules. They could keep everything the way it is, or they could completely change everything about chick-fil-a. This person will have different ideas that may be more progressive, or they may bring the company down.

  • No, Chick-fil-A will continue to be managed as it has always been.

    No, I do not see the death of Samuel Truett Cathy affecting the business in any way. Chick-fil-A is a privately held company and as such is not subject to shareholder whims. Since Mr. Cathy opened his first Chick-fil-A, the business has been and remains family run. They have always been openly religious, closing all of their stores on Sundays. I do not see the family making any changes to what has been an extremely successful business model.

  • No, I think Chick-fil-A will be just fine.

    No, I think Chick-fil-A will be just fine. I really feel that the restaurant that has been built will be just fine. I love fast food and its one of my favorites. I think people are deeply 9in love with their product and they will survive. I think there profits will stay the same or go up.

  • Cathy's Chick-fil-A Will Thrive

    S. Truett Cathy is the success story American's love to share. He started with a humble diner in 1946. In 1967 he created the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich that's now found around the world with sales of over $5 billion annually. This self-effacing man of the bible raised his family and grew his empire with a bible and family at the foundation. There is little doubt that his son Dan, currently chairman and president of the chain, will tinker with that formula. Chick-fil-A will remain Cathy's legacy.

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