• Yes it will

    In today's world all the countries are connected by the economy, like a giant spiders web. If one part of a web vibrates, the other parts will also feel the effect of this vibration. Likewise if the value of a currency increases it will strongly affect the value of other currencies.

  • Yes, it will.

    Unfortunately we are a very global economy and economic disasters in other countries will surley effect ours in some way. I don't expect this to be a huge dip or a long term problem, but I think we will see our markets become a little sluggish because of the down turn.

  • Russia not the superpower it likes to think

    The rouble has little influence to modern America. As it falls we will be less able to export but this hardly is the cornerstone of our economy in the way it might be in say Germany or Eastern Europe. The US isn't even a big user of gas/oil from Russia like many countries.

    The key reason for the deflating rouble, that is to say the oil price, may well affect the US economy and/or may well benefit it.

  • No as that is only one factor

    No as the us economy has many more avenues of profit such as tourist attractions, import export business with Europe & much more. Obviously the main one is tourism and I believe the profits made from this US resource would be more than enough to cover any downfalls such as the deflating ruble.

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