Will the Democrats' big election loss hurt President Obama's credibility with Asian leaders?

  • If It Can Get Worse...

    For anyone paying attention, Obama is, and has been, the laughing stock of the world for several years now. China and Russia fart in his general direction, and have taunted him a second time on many occasions now. When only 36% of your own people have some confidence in you, you really can't expect too many international fans either, now can you?

  • Democrats lose their position in power

    President Obama's credibility is already on the line with many different countries considering the unresolved issues that still linger in the government. Many of the political issues created with other countries are not at the fault of President Obama, but rather started at Bush Sr.'s presidency. Many of the Asain leaders are now questioning Obama's abiltiy to keep promises and guarantees regarding protection against chemical warfare.

  • Yes, the Democrat's big election loss will hurt President Obama's credibility with Asian Leaders.

    Yes, the Democrat's big election loss will hurt President Obama's credibility with Asian Leaders, as well as many other Leaders around the world. This election was a huge blow to Democrats overall, and shows the world that America no longer has faith in what the Democrats are doing and it is time to give the Republicans a chance.

  • I hope not

    I don't think that it will have a huge impact. I don't know that just because his party lost, he loses all credibility. I think that he does quite a fine job of that himself. I think that Americans need to try to get the government to put their heads together to do something good for the country.

  • All presidents "loose" their final midterm

    Politicians anywhere in the world already understand that it is common for Presidents to loose their final mid-term. It is not something intrinsically to do with President Obama, nor even his party. In fact many would say the Constitution was written deliberately to limit one man's and one party's ability to control the country as a way of protecting the core values the founding fathers instilled.

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