• The Denver Broncos are sure to be in the Super Bowl.

    Having looked closely at the history of the Denver Broncos, I believe that they will almost certainly win the 2014-2015 Super Bowl. Even if their win is not completely guaranteed, it is almost indubitable that they will be competing in this year's game. The odds are very much in their favor for winning.

  • Very good chances

    Looking at the Super Bowl predictions, and just from having seen them play this year, they are definitely a favorite to head to the Super Bowl this spring. I think you will see the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks there, even though I'd personally rather see the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Odds are not in their favor

    After loosing the #1 seed and no chance to get it back in this last week of play, the Broncos will have to either go through Foxboro (or hope that someone else takes care of business there, unlikely). This is a winnable game for Manning and the Broncos, but it is not one they'll be favored in.

  • No, the Broncos will not play in the next Super Bowl.

    Last season, Peyton Manning defied Father Time and the general principles of human anatomy to overcome both age and a terrible injury to return for an incredible record-setting season. This year, however, Manning's age has started to show, and the team's performance as a whole has suffered along with it. Hence, there is no way they'll make it to the Super Bowl again.

  • Not Strong Enough This Year

    It is hard to be objective when you are a fan of a competing AFC team, but the Broncos don't look as good this year as last year. While they have more weapons on offence and defence, they still look a bit out of sorts. Peyton Manning, while legendary, does appear to be showing his age. It seems that an upset is brewing for them in their first playoff game this year, and they won't make it back to the Super Bowl.

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