• Chances are good!

    The Denver Broncos seem to be on everyone's radar for a trip to the Super Bowl. They have the current best odds of any team in the NFL. They're playing well in all aspects of the game, and having a well-rounded team really makes a difference - if you have just a "great defense" or "great offense", that can only get you so far, and it leaves a very obvious weak area for your opponents to take advantage of. They also have an amazing quarterback who is still well in his prime and is driven to succeed. Short of some major "upset", I see the Broncos being very present in the Super Bowl this winter.

  • Yes the Denver Broncos with make Super Bowl 2015

    Yes the Denver Broncos will earn a return trip to Super Bowl 2015 and avenge their loss in Super Bowe 2014 to the Seattle Seahawks. Denver should win their division, become the number one seed and win a close battle against the New England Patriots for the championship of the American Football Conference.

  • They have a good chance

    They have a good chance. The Broncos are as good as any team out there. Although there are teams with much better records than the Broncos, the same team is not always winning. So Denver has a chance. They have proven themselves in the past to be champions, so it would be nice to see them win.

  • Not Strong Enough

    Peyton Manning is one of the greatest players of all time, and a sure Hall of Famer. The Broncos certainly have the talent to get to the Super Bowl again, so it wouldn't come as a surprise. However, the loss of home-field advantage to New England will hurt. Also, they still have to play the Chiefs again in Kansas City, so the Broncos might not even win their division and would have to play on the road in the playoffs. It doesn't look super promising.

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