• Yes, it already happened.

    The game was last night and the Denver Broncos have already won the game. I would predict them to win as well, considering they are a better team overall. While Brock Osweiler seems to be growing into the role of starting quarterback, the broncos defense is still elite. Denver seemed to show that against the Texan offense.

  • Yes, the Denver Broncos beat the Houston Texans.

    Yes, the Denver Broncos beat the Houston Texans. They dominated the ball on both sides and never really fell behind. They made sure they were going to get the victory at home. The crowd was behind them, and they made sure they did not let up, even when they had a big lead.

  • Yes they did

    The Broncos pretty much crushed the Texans, so Osweiler's return wasn't quite the matchup they predicted. As it wasn't a happy reunion for the Texans, most sports pundits are calling Bronco management the big winner. Others maintain that Osweiler should never have left, and if he'd stayed and "waited his turn" he'd have had more team to work wtih.

  • I think the Broncos will win against the Texans.

    The Texans have much to improve this season, from their weak defense to their struggling offense. I honestly don't see them pulling off a win against the Broncos who appear to be much better prepared both offensively and defensively this season. A Texans win would be a shock but very unlikely given their track record.

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