Will the Denver Broncos win multiple Super Bowls with Peyton Manning?

Asked by: birdlandmemories
  • Absolutely! And they have Irsay to thank for it!

    When he announced that the Colts were putting Peyton out to pasture, he ignited a fire in Manning. John Elway understood that and courted Manning right into the Denver fold. Peyton Manning, after 4 serious neck-surgeries, isn't done yet. He wants the NFL to know that. He wants fans to know that. He wants his teammates and the Denver ownership to know it. But mostly ... He wants Irsay to know it. So, he's breaking records that guys 15 years his junior can't touch. He's winning games. And you can bet, his eyes are on winning the big game at least once!

  • They have all the talent to

    Peyton Manning is surrounded by talent on that team. They have one of they best offenses in NFL history, and have star players on defense too. Peyton Manning is also playing the best football of his career and just recently broke numerous NFL records. So they have a really good chance to win multiple Super Bowls.

  • Too many unanswered questions

    Most notably, the Denver Broncos could win, but there are many factors against them. First, it's possible that Peyton Manning could get an injury. That team cannot depend on just one man. Secondly, other teams such as the 49ers and the Packers have large amounts of good players, and stand a chance to win the Super Bowl.

  • 1 for 13

    RealistAgenda is dead on. Peyton Manning has been to the playoffs 13 times only to come away victorious once. And while yes for the most part he spent his career with a much less talented colts team he was with the Broncos for his last appearance. If you recall in the playoffs vs. The Ravens last year all Peyton had to do was not throw a pick on one of the lasts drives of the game and they most likely would've won but what does he do? Throws a pick.

  • Biggest postseason choke artist in NFL history.

    I love Peyton Manning, but he as shown that when push comes to shove in the playoffs, he usually falls short. It's a shame because he's arguably the best quarterback in history (or at least in the top 5). As opposed to brother Eli who, when having good receivers and a solid defense (like the Broncos have), could turn an underdog team into Super Bowl champions. Eli is inconsistent in the regular season and Peyton is inconsistent in the post season. I don't know, Peyton's had an all-star year, breaking records left and right. Way better than last year. I'm want him to win another Super Bowl, but I just don't think it's going to happen.

  • Luck is a huge factor here

    Broncos have the potential to make it to multiple super bowls, but literally anything can go wrong in the post season that can completely kill a super bowl run.... Teams can get staggered with injuries (Patriots), flat out suck despite having pretty good players (Texans), and lose games just because of a single play at the worst possible timing (Broncos-Pats ending)

    Also, Peyton is getting kind of old. They dont have 10 years to work with to win multiple super-bowls, its more like 5, and winning 2 super bowls in 5 years with teams like the patriots, the seahawks, the packers (when they have Aaron Rogers) in your way, winning multiple super bowls is no easy feat, even when you do have a hall of fame QB like Manning leading the way

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