• Why Wings Will Win The Stanley Cup

    The management staff of the Red Wings have been a contributor to the fact that they were able to extend their playoff appearances to 23 this season. They have a key defense team this season, including veteran players Niklas Kronwall, Brenden Smith, Danny DeKeyser and goalie Jimmy Howard. Depsite all the players lost to injury and surgery, the team's defense is what is really going to help them climb this year.

  • Talent and drive to go all the way!

    The Red Wings have finally put all the pieces together and have the talent to be competitive for the cup. The near misses over the past few seasons have really resonated with the team. This year everything is going to come together and the team is getting hot at just the right time.

  • No, the Detroit Red Wings will not win the Stanley Cup.

    The Detroit Red Wings will definitely NOT win the Stanley Cup because they lost the final game of their seven game series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a great defensive game - no goals were scored by either team until the Lightning slapped two in at the end.

  • They just lost out

    I am going out on a huge limb here and say no. I am basing all this off the fact that they were eliminated last night in game 7. Unless some crazy scenario pops up within the next 2 or 3 days where the other team is eliminated for cheating i'd say the red wings season is over.

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