• Love changes everyone

    If someone loves true, Then he can do anything for you whether he is Demon or wicked. But if somebody cheats, He will answer it in some different way. Therefore, It is not wrong to see the world from another. Support the love and find the true love, Everyone need it

  • OH YES. . . . Of course! He must change. . . . . And here is WHY. . . . .

    The Abrahamic GODS = JEW - JESUS - ALLAH are each a version of the DEVIL! All 3 DEVILS are at WAR against each other and even within their societies. . . . All want to DESTROY the EARTH and all LIFE FORMS that inhabit it. . . . And each GOD (DEVIL) is nothing more than a pathetic old Man made up Fantasy for POWER and CONTROL over the masses. . .

    It is the HUMAN that plays GOD in the name of GOD who is actually
    a DEMONIC PARASITE VAMPIRE. . . A VAMPIRE determined to hypnotize and enslave all humans into some absurd DEVIL CULT. . . = Temple, Church, Mosque excuses. . . These places are the hiding place and workspaces of the Parasite VAMPIRES. . .

    The DEVIL will change because the new generations could care less about the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God hoaxes. . . The DEVIL will end up on a craft Beer label! No longer used as a scapegoat by the GOD which
    in reverse is DOG = DEMON of GOD. . . = DEVIL. . . GOD is the DEVIL and
    is now being TRASHED into oblivion and Mythology for children's entertainment

  • If he exists.

    If we look at the claims in the bible, God created all things. This would include heaven and earth as well as all those who born/cast into them. If this is true then God could just destroy any being he sees as unfit including the devil. Clearly if your god created him, God had a reason to and if he continues to exist, It must mean that he is acting in service to God. You could look at him (the devil) as security check. God wouldn't want someone evil to be allowed into heaven so the devil tempts them to find out if they are. Look at the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve. Surely god would have created it and could have destroyed it or kicked it out before the temptation but he didn't. Instead, He allowed the serpent to temp Eve who temped Adam and that showed God that they were unworthy to live in the Garden of Eden.

  • Same methods nothing new

    He lies to people and smears Gods name. His tactics are the same. People believe God is evil an always give Satan the benefit of doubt. No one cares about history and they repeat it. Now people call God some genocidal liar and believe the lies from the father of all liars.

  • No he has no heart

    He hurt God betary him there no coming back he is evil and a sick men. All he cares about is lower he is horrible! He has no heart and does not have the guy to say that he did anything wrong! He would not stand a chance against my dear father God because good ness and kindness is better than evil and powerfulness

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