• It already is

    4000 people killed and 10,000 sickened. To me that's a serious out break. It's very serious in West Africa but here in America it's pretty serious but not nearly as bad. I think people are making a bigger deal out if it tan they should. It's not air born. There's no reason to where a hazmat suit in Chicago or lock your self in your house in Denver because it in Dallas and possibly in Cleveland. That being said it's very scary and we should all be careful especially those in Dallas and Cleveland.

  • No one washes their hands!

    Ebola will make it's way across the planet because no one washes their hands anymore after they have violent spasms of the sphincter! That will definitely spread the disease and then we will all die because that is definitely the only thing that makes sense and really the only way it'll ever happen.


  • The New Epidemic

    I do think the Ebola outbreak will turn into a huge epidemic because not enough is done to protect us from the disease. Recently another health care worker has been diagnosed in the disease. She had recently traveled in an airplane before being diagnosed. I think the disease is going to spread very quickly before the Center of Disease Control can figure out what to do about it.

  • Ebola Outbreak Will Turn Into A Huge Epidemic

    We haven't been told the truth of the matter on this subject from the media or the government and that must happen before Americans will see how serious this situation really is. We must handle this issue very carefully in order to avoid an epidemic, but I don't believe the government will take responsibility for their lack of action and get us headed in the right direction to do so, which makes it imminent.

  • Yes Ebola outbreak will turn into a huge epidemic.

    Ebola is by far the worst epidemic of the century as it has already claimed the lives of many people nespecially in the west part of Africa.Ebola would turn into a huge epidemic if drastic measures would not be taken sooner rather than later.It has even spread to other continents as a few cases have been reprted in the united states.

  • Even if it was that serious, we are selfish SOB's.

    You know why a zombie apocalypse will never happen? Bombs. Guns. Napalm. People are under this beautifully ignorant assumption that we will always try really hard to save everyone. That is not history and it is not human nature. If you think for one minute that we would not sacrifice 1, 5, 10 million people to save the other 300 million, you are out of your gourd. Look at any history of any country at war and what you see time and time again is our willingness to sacrifice many lives just to prove a point. If Ebola took over Los Angeles, CA and threatened to escape a quarantine zone we'd set up, we would wipe it off the map. Human beings are naturally merciful but we are also skilled survivalists. It's how we rose to be the dominant species on this planet, by working together and sacrificing the needs of the few for the greater good of the many. That's horrible and wrong, but it's reality. Ebola will only ever get as far as we allow it to, and then we will take extreme measures to stop it. And we will stop it, because we are willing to sacrifice a great deal to save ourselves. Terrible, but real.

  • Ebola isn't as serious.

    The thing is, Ebola is a hard to contract disease . You need to touch a bodily fluid (which you would avoid anyways) and the reason it has such an effect in Africa...BECAUSE IT'S AFRICA. It's impoverished land without the proper medical protocols of the West. Calm down, and don't believe the media because the media is just spreading fear.

  • The outbreak is not nearly as bad as the media is leading people to believe.

    Dont get me wrong, Ebola is a deadly desease, and this is one of the larger Ebola outbreaks on record. But It is hard to transmit, and if proper protocols are followed, easy to contain. Ebola outbreaks are common in impoverished parts of Africa; happening every now and again since the disease was identified in the 1800s. The main reason its been popping up in hospitals in western countries is because of lapses in protocol by health workers who are not used to dealing with communicable diseases. This will probably end up like H1N1: a huge news story and nothing else.

  • If countries put full effort into controlling it, no.

    I am in no way underestimating the threat of Ebola, nor suggesting that it will not become a huge epidemic, i am just relating to the fact that if enough aid, sanitisation and control is followed through with, then the disease will be contained within safe grounds and will not spread and threaten the lives of others. The reason for this is because countries other than in the poorer parts of Africa, have better facilities, medical carers and cleanliness. Ebola is a huge threat, but if the countries fearing Ebola unite, then it will be less of a threat and potentially will not threaten those outside of Africa. But the problem still needs to be addressed, and nobody knows what could happen. I am not entirely ruling out the threat of an epidemic, but merely saying, that with the medical equipment we have today, it is unlikely to cause a HUGE epidemic. But who knows? It is incurable as of this time, and has claimed and infected many people.

  • There's a reason

    Ebola is so common in countries that don't follow practical hygiene. Not only does our country have much better protocols, resources, and medical sanitation than these, but also the common citizen is healthier and more prone to act in a way to discourage outbreaks of such diseases.

    People seem to think that Ebola is much easier to spread than it is, and has cost more lives than it has. This is simply not the case, and more than likely won't be.

  • No, There are many myths about the disease

    The transmission of Ebola virus is not easy,it must have to be in direct contact with infected fluids like blood, heces, sweating or vomit. And the protocol to handle every suspicious of Ebola is very high and strict, I think is necessary to keep helping Africa to improve the hospitals and health care to pass through this sanitary emergency.

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