• Yes , the economics BRICS nation will continute to grow

    The BRICS nation and its economy will grow multi folds in the years to come by and the
    basic reason is that BRICS nation are all giant developing nations with huge potential for growth and development . The other reason for its growth may be attributed to its population that
    is about worlds 40 % population . The third reason is that they are the developing markets and that is why there is tremendous potential for growth .

  • Yes They Will

    BRIC S is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Because all of these economies are on new footing and are free to expand I suspect that they will continue to do so without much problem. I think economies are more likely to experience problems the longer they are in existence.

  • With responsible leaders, the BRICS will profit.

    The economies of the BRICS nations are growing in spite of the European and American financial turmoil. Managing a growing economy is a careful procedure though. As a country begins to profit, politicians may get greedy. That greed needs to be managed or the economy could come crashing down due to corruption and mismanaged funds.

  • BRICS nations will grow economically.

    With the exception of Russia, all of the economies of the BRICS nations will continue to grow in the upcoming years and decades. This will case a shift in the balance of power internationally, and potentially make the entire world a more level playing ground. There could also be adverse effects.

  • BRICS ecomomics will not promote growth

    BRICS economics does not promote growth, it will only stomp out the process of growth. Economies must have the opportunity for everyone to earn and then spend their money on whatever they like. BRICS makes it so the earning potential of the working class is not able to grow and it will even go backwards.

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