• The election will lead to changes in journalism

    What this past election has proved is that journalism, and its current form, is heavily biased towards the left. And the people of America rejected that bias. That means they are cutting through the garbage that the mainstream press is shoving down our throats. Either they adjust, or they weather away to useless Bird cage bottoms.

  • Yes it will.

    Elections will truly lead to changes in journalism. This is because the journalists have now found a new coverage of news. They may opt to air the election news rather than other entertainment just to suit the needs of the public. The public are now focused on the election news and that is what they expect to hear and nothing else.

  • People will still write about topics that are significant.

    Journalism is like any form of media, it is meant to educate people on current events. The journalism itself might not change, but maybe the tone will. A lot of media is geared towards a more liberal standpoint. While the president is a democrat who has a democratic agenda. Now that Trump has been elected the tables have turned. The media will remain the same, but the tone will be more negative and harsh on the decisions made by the upcoming president.

  • There is a thing called Freedom of speech.

    No matter how much Donald Trump doesn't like what people say about him, he cant change the fact that there is freedom of speech. He can try to sue people or silence people all he wants but that's not going to change. He liked to threaten that a lot before he got elected.

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