• They are the party loyal.

    A person has to be loyal in order to become a party elector. That is something that everyone wants to do. The people who they choose to be the electors are the people who are very loyal to the party. Their conscience is to vote for the person that they worked for to win the election.

  • No they won't

    At this point, we're toast, and we're stuck with the small fingered cheeto for the foreseeable future. I hope more electors do actually vote their conscience, but I'm not holding my breath. Even if they do, the outcome of the election won't change. God help us all. The electoral college is in serious need of re-vamping.

  • No, the majority of electors won't vote their conscience.

    The Electoral College is an ingrained American institution. First, the election takes place. Then, each state certifies the election results in that state. Finally, the members of the Electoral College gather in their respective states to cast their official votes. The Democrats vote for their candidate and the Republicans vote for theirs. It's been this way for centuries. Although the electors are not constitutionally bound to cast their votes in any particular manner, the majority of the electors feel duty bound to cast their votes according to the way the voters in each state did. Despite all the controversy surrounding this election, and everything that has happened this, the majority of the electors will cast their votes as expected, even if they don't like the candidate they are voting for, even if they their conscience tells them they should vote differently. A few electors might buck the system and vote their conscience, but the majority of them will not.

  • They are too afraid

    The electors are too afraid to vote their conscience. They know that they will face severe consequences by doing so, everywhere from legal action to fines to harassment. There have already been many threats made and more will come if electors fail to vote the same way as the states.

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